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Cheese Grater App

Cheese Grater App

Cheese Grater app is an Android app that allows users to virtually grate cheese. Out now on the Google Play store.

What people are saying about Cheese Grater:

Life changing, Absolutely fantastic app. Ever since I was diagnosed with lactose intolerance I became terribly depressed by the lack of cheese in my life. While I am unable to eat the cheese that I grate, the app fills a gaping hole in my life which once was filled with holey cheese. If you are looking for a Gouda app look no further. Camembert down and get this right away!
— A Google User
Epic! Omg this app is awesome I ran out of cheese so I pulled out my phone and this app saved dinner
— Censors Starve
AMAZING APP!! This is the best app I have ever played! Grating cheese, my dream come true. I reccomend this app to everyone,
— charlotte wood
Grate!!!!1!!!! My favourite pastime, it’s the grate-est app for my lifestyle.
— A Google User
PERFECT I was looking for a game that doesn’t involve any skill that I could play while waiting or in car journeys where I just don’t feel like playing anything that involves strategy or looking at the screen lol.5 stars because it does what its supposed to do and there is no possible way to improve it
— Jessica Bride
Pointless Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeesssssssseeeeeeeeeee. Don’t actually like cheese. Love the game tho
— julie lawton

All quotes are taken from Google Play.